Policy Earn Rewards 100$    
1-    Earn Rewards 100$ This means that all Globeso mobile app users can earn money by sharing links on social media, that users can easily use the mobile app to share, use a short time, get profit throughout the year through the policy Earnings from GlobeSO    
2- How to launch a monetization system Earn 100$ was officially launched on August 1, 2023, requiring users to go to the Play store for Android / Apple Store for IOS and click Download. The next step types your phone number, wait for the 6-digit code to verify your account, log in to the GlobeSO mobile app. then browse to the left, click Earn100 $, and finally click Invite Now.    
3- How to share a link Earn 100$    
All normal accounts downloaded, will receive 4,000 Riel in your wallet.    
- Every share (Invite Link) for friends or the general public, click to download through the link that we have shared, will receive 500 Riels when friends or the general public to download the mobile application once.    
- For link sharing, Earn 100 $ will apply only for one generation and you will get 1% bonus when your members (those who download the link you had invited) Ordering services or products online on the Globeso mobile app. it is valid for the entire year from the date your member clicks to download the app.    
4- How to calculate the program Earn 100$    
   Mr. Sok downloaded the GlobeSO mobile app. Immediately in Mr. Sok's wallet will receive 4,000 riels, which received from Globeso.    
After Mr. Sok used the company's Earn100 $ program of making money. Mr. Sok shared the program with 1,000 people to his friends. 500 people clicked on Mr. Sok's link to downloaded. Then 100 people had used the taxi service and shop through the Globeso mobile app. Each person expenses 40,000 Riels.    
- In Mr. Sok's wallet                                           4,០០០ Riels    
- Earnings from 500 people downloaded links    5០០ people x 5០០Riels =    250,០០០ Riels    
- 1% fee from 100 people spending money         1០០ people x4០,០០០ Riels=4,000,000 Riels    
                          1%=   4០,000 Riels    
                  Total money in Mr. Sok's wallet                            294,000Riels    
5- Scope of use wallet    
   The use of money in the wallet is used to pay for various services or purchase all kinds of goods in the Globeso mobile app in the balance of your account.    
6- Values    
-All monetization through the Earn $ 100 program requires a unique account for sharing links to friends.    
-Must be active on the mobile application at least once every 3 months, in case the account is inactive for more than 3 months, the company reserves the right to delete the account and the amount of money in the wallet.    
- The company reserves the right to automatically delete all accounts and money for any fraudulent, unrealistic download number in any way.    
7- Dispute Resolution and Administrative Law    
Disputes arising out of the above principles must be resolved peacefully between the two parties, the Company and the user of Earn $ 100. If the negotiations fail, both parties will resolve the dispute in accordance with the laws. The above principles are governed by the laws.    
8- The End Read and agree to the full text of the above principles and agree to follow the principles of the Earn 100 $.  
9- Close the account
  Accounts to be closed if one device is found to have been used more than 10 times and to use the system incorrectly or to defraud the amount of money and be legally liable.
10-Rewards for playing the game
The winning game program is based on our Facebook posting policy, according to the terms of the prize to be provided for you to have a real name and there is no cheating and there are no winners in excess of the number posted in Facebook. We reserve the right not to offer rewards if the conditions are not met or we have the right to change if necessary without prior notice.